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Lunch2you specializes in providing children just like yours with fresh, healthy lunches. If you're tired of packing sack lunches or worrying about whether your child will make a healthy choice from the school cafeteria, our service will give your student a great meal at an affordable price.

Many of us here at Lunch2you are parents ourselves, so we know firsthand how necessary it is to balance nutrition with taste. Before we designed our lunch program, we sat down and asked ourselves this: Will kids eat and enjoy our food? As a result, our menu consists of more than 25 kid-approved meals, but we prepare each dish as health-consciously as possible. For example, every dish that Lunch2you serves includes fresh fruit or vegetables, none of our menu is fried, and all of our meat and poultry products are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. Our service also offers variety: on any given day, your child can choose from three tasty meals.

Eating right is the single best thing a growing child can do for their health. Let us deliver a healthy lunch your child will love at a price that's sure to put a smile on your face: register with us now, Register and let us worry about lunchtime.

Regarding Food Allergies: Parents, if your child has any type of food allergy, we strongly recommend contacting us before ordering any lunches. Upon request, we're happy to provide supplier contact information.