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We believe that schools should have the freedom to focus on education, not food service.

We at Lunch2you bring more than 30 years of hospitality and food service experience to the realm of providing school lunches. We're confident that we have the best lunch program on the market, as our creative chefs have struck the perfect balance between taste and nutrition. Our menu is truly win-win: schools can rest easy knowing that they've economically provided students with healthy, fresh food, and students can look forward to having their favorite meals at lunch time.

We provide two lunchtime solutions depending on your school's facilities:

Our School Has a Kitchen
Most larger schools know the hassle of running their own kitchen. Truly, a school cafeteria is a small restaurant that runs 5 days a week. With this comes the responsibility of dealing with kitchen employees, parents, finding food purveyors, purchasing insurance, building menus, and so on. Let us do the tough stuff! With Lunch2You, the only thing your school will have to do to provide your student body with great lunches is cash a commission check at the end of each month. Beyond the convenience of letting us manage your kitchen, your staff will undoubtedly enjoy our expertly-prepared meals.

Our School Does Not Have a Kitchen
For schools with a relatively small student body, Lunch2you offers a mobile food program. All hot and cold food is cooked at our full commercial kitchen that is strategically located to service Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. All food is carried in proper warming units to ensure that our food is fresh when it arrives. We pride ourselves in building a meal delivery program that tastes 100% as good as a meal prepared on site. We're confident that you'll love the taste of our meals, and we offer free samples to back it up.

Whatever your school's needs, we're willing to work with you to deliver our delicious and affordable school lunches to your student body. And, if you need to plan an extra-curricular activity or school function, we cater, too!

Contact us today if you're ready to have Lunch2you make lunchtime easy.