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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

In order to register you must know your schools code. The school code is usually sent home at the beginning of the year. During registration you will see a drop down menu with a list of school codes, please select your schools code. If you did not receive that letter please email us and we can send you your schools code. Generally the schools initials will be the schools code, but not always.

What if I have multiple students?

You may add all of your students under one account as long as they attend the same school. During registration be sure to add all of your students in their correct grades and teachers before entering all of your billing information.

If for some reason you forget to add one of your students during the initial registration, then you may add more students to your account on you’re my Account page or on the Order now page at any time.

How do I begin ordering?

Once you have registered your student(s) you can click the "Order Now" button on the main menu bar to begin ordering lunches. You can view what comes in the lunch on that given day by clicking the entrée you wish to order, from there a window will pop-up detailing the lunch and its sides.

When is the deadline to order lunches for my student?

Your students order must be placed by 6 pm Sunday to receive lunches for the upcoming week.

For example, if you want your student to get lunch for the week of Monday the 14th, the order must be placed by Sunday the 13th before 6 pm. If you try to place your order on Monday for Monday the 14th it will not allow to do so, the next possible day to order a lunch for your student using the online ordering system would be Monday the 21st. If you still want your student to eat Monday the 14th but missed the cutoff date, your child can still eat but they must purchase emergency lunches. Please look below to see our emergency lunch policy and how the system works.

How do I report an absence?

You can report your absence online on the "My Account" page. You have until 8 am the morning in which the lunch is to be received to report the absence. If you can't make it to a computer, you may call in your absence/cancellation by 8 am that morning.

No exceptions will be made if the absence is reported after 8 am.

What if my student goes home from school sick after 8 am?

You have two options. The lunch can be given to a sibling, or the student can take the lunch home with them.

What if there is a short notice field trip?

It is the parent's sole responsibility to cancel or report the absence on or before 8 am that day. Lunch2you is not always notified of field trips, therefore it is up to the parent to cancel the lunch before hand. No exceptions will be made for parents that forget to do so. Please account for field trips, vacations and doctors appointments before you order your students meals. No cash refund will be given.

How do I use my lunch credit if I reported the absence on time?

Once you have reported your absence, you account will show a balance for the amount of the lunch. That amount will be deducted from your next order. No cash refunds will be made.

What is an emergency lunch?

The emergency lunch system is designed for emergencies. The system is not designed to be used as a daily lunch ordering system. If you plan to use the emergency lunch system for multiple days in a row please contact Lunch2you so they are aware of the situation.

In order for your student to receive an emergency lunch you must first enable them to receive it, via you’re My Account page. In order for them to receive an emergency lunch you must leave a credit card on file with us. Once your student receives that emergency lunch we will then charge your account for the price of the lunch plus $1.25 and administration fees.

Parents, please keep in mind that emergency lunches are for emergencies only. We only pack a few emergency lunches each day so we cannot guarantee a lunch will be left for your student. The best way to prevent this is ordering your students lunch for the coming week by 6 pm the Sunday before. If you miss that date and still need lunch you are more than welcome to use the emergency lunch system, that is what it is for.

If your credit card was charged and you do not believe your student receive an emergency lunch please email or call Lunch2you. We keep the original form filled out by the school in case there is a dispute on a charge.