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About Us

Boasting more than 30 years of culinary experience, Lunch2You was created from the ground up as a way to provide students of public, private, and charter schools throughout Southern California with great food at great prices. In fact, you can see the pride we take in our work in every one of our meals.

Our lunches are fresh, and we deliver them on time and at the right temperature—always. Cold food stays cool and crisp, and our hot food is delivered in self-contained warming cabinets. We also make sure that our lunches give kids the classics they know and love with a healthy twist: every meal comes with at least one serving of fruit or vegetables, we use no artificial colors or flavoring, our meat and poultry is free of any hormones or antibiotics, and absolutely nothing we offer on our menu is fried.

Additionally, Lunch2you is the only lunch service company that offers both on-site kitchens and mobile food service programs. We're a truly a one-stop shop for any school, parent, or business who wants us to worry about lunch so they don't have to! We cater, too!

Lunch2you serves the Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside. We firmly believe that our food is the absolute best of any school lunch provider, and we stand by that claim contact us to request a free sample!